Mado Kalogirou

Writer Mado Kalogirou was born in Athens, Greece. At a small age, she discovered she has an inclination toward foreign languages. She was always up to a challenge when it came to different cultures and that was the point when she decided that mandarin Chinese was a language she needed to invest in. Throughout the years, her love of Chinese civilization became stronger, especially when she visited China in 2015.

Since then, she has mastered the language and tried to build communication bridges between Greece and China through her work in interpreting for EUAA (European Union Agency for Asylum). Not only does she help immigrants apply for Assylum in Greece, but she also decided to teach the Chinese language and culture to students. Furthermore, she realized that she wants to show the beauty of Chinese culture and civilization to other people through writing.

Profession Chinese Teacher / Author
Language Greek, English, Chinese
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