Shi Miao Dian

Master and writer Miao Dian was born in 1977 in Athens. His family name was Kouris. At a very tender age, he met the bitter side of life and lived his first years in the national nursery orphanage in Kallithea and later at the orphanage of Georgios Hatzikonstas. Family situations pushed him to immigrate with his father in Germany. There, at the age of eight, he was taught Shaolin Gong Fu under the strict supervision of the master Liang Che. When Miao Dian was 14 years old his master passed away and Miao Dian returned to Greece.

His love for martial arts leaded him to the Shaolin Temple gate. He became a student of the master Shi Heng Jun 释恒君 (Shì héng jūn), 35th generation of Shaolin warrior monks, from then on he stays close to him for over 15 years. On August 25, 2005 he was given the Buddhist name Shi Miao Dian 释妙滇 (Shì miào diān) of the 36th Shaolin generation.

In 2005, the master Heng Jun, approved the mission of the master Miao Dian as apostle in Greece with the aim of creating the first Greek approved Shaolin Training Center Shaolin Gong Fu. It officially opened on January 18, 2006 in the area of Ilion - Athens.

Since 2011, he continues to study at the Shaolin Temple with his master Shi Yan Ao 释延奥 and since then follows him for 12 years until today.

In addition to martial arts and Chan (Zen) philosophy, author Miao Dian has been intensively studying the history of the Shaolin Temple for over 18 years. He is the author of historical books and children’s fairy tales about the Shaolin culture.

Profession Shaolin Kung Fu Master / Author
Language Greek, English
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